13 Workouts That You Won’t Hate (And Will Get You In Great Shape)

We all need to work out, but very few of us enjoy it.

It can be grueling, exhausting, and mentally demanding, especially if you hate the exercises. Doing things like just lifting weights, pushups, squats, situps, and things like that are not a lot of fun, so why not find something you actually enjoy. Don’t settle for typical workouts that you hate just because you feel like you have to.

There are other options out there for you to do and fall in love with. If you can do this, you will start to enjoy working out and even welcome the opportunity to do it.

Fitness routines have really progressed over the last number of years, so don’t let tradition make you feel like you can’t enjoy working out. Here are some enjoyable workouts for you to consider:

(1) Mini Trampoline

The mini-trampoline is a great way to work out your entire body and enjoy it.

Purchase an affordable mini trampoline and find some new exercises to explore on the Internet. There are tons of routines you can try out to find the one you really love! If you can do that, the mini trampoline might be your new best workout friend.

(2) Elliptical Machine

At first, the elliptical machine might not look like the most enjoyable workout machine but, trust me, it can be. Once your muscles get used to it, this workout will be easy, fun, and the results you see in your entire body will be shocking.

Trust me, the elliptical machine is a groundbreaking piece of technology that you need to try. I love the opportunity to jump on every morning.

(3) New V.R. Video Games

Technology is amazing and, believe it or not, you can even get a good workout in through them.

New virtual reality games will get you off your butt, on your feet, and help you get active. You could be in a virtual boxing ring or in a virtual ring – either way, you’ll be having a blast while getting fit.

(4) Create Your Own Obstacle Course

I did something by accident a few years ago and, ever since, I’ve been in love with it. It’s a great way to be active and create some fun while at home.

Grab some random items from your garage and set up an obstacle course in your background. Jump, hop, and crawl under random objects on a weekend afternoon for some fun and fitness!

(5) Rowing Machines

Going boating on the lake is a ton of fun, so why not do some rowing while at home. The rowing machine is the perfect way to get yourself ready for the next time you find yourself on a lake, have some fun, and get a workout in for your entire body.

Rowing machines are a blast!

(6) Head to the Batting Cages

Swinging a baseball bat over and over again while hitting a ball is fun as well as good for your fitness. Who would have guessed it! I do it all the time and it’s great for your entire body.

It’s also a great way to alleviate stress and have some fun.

(7) Jump Rope

Jump rope isn’t just a great activity for children, it’s an effective full-body workout for you that is affordable and fun.

I’ve jumped rope just about every day for the last number of years and am a huge advocate for the positives it provides your body when done regularly. Be a kid again and enjoy it!

(8) Go to the Beach

Anything you do at the beach is going to be good for your body (and mind). Whether it’s just going for a long walk or run, going for a swim in the ocean, tossing a ball around, or throwing a frisbee – the beach is almost as good for the body as the gym is.

Grab your swimming trunks, your beach ball, and have yourself a beach day.

(9) Kick a Soccer Ball Around

You’d be surprised how positive it can be to kick a soccer ball around in the park or in your backyard. Even if it’s an old, half-deflated ball, you’ll love the experience of kicking a soccer ball around for 15 minutes or so.

Even better if you can find a friend and play a short game of keep-away around some pylons.


(10) Exercise in Bed

Exercise without even having to leave your bed? That sounds like a dream to me! But it can be a reality.

There are a number of simple workouts you can do without getting out of bed that will be fun, won’t take up a ton of time, and will make the most out of the time you spend just lying in bed.

(11) Dance!

The act of dancing can be extremely positive for your body and mind. If you create a playlist of your favorite songs, turn them on, and cut a rug at home for just 10 minutes a day, you can change your entire life.

Try to find some upbeat songs that remind you of the best times in your life and dance like no one is watching. Honestly, the positives of doing this are astronomical.

(12) Try Yoga or Pilates

Yoga and Pilates have been around forever but have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years.

These activities should leave you in a better mental mind frame and will help sculpt your most important muscles. There’s a reason these activities have been around forever and they will not disappoint when you start to do them on a regular basis.

(13) Run a Trail

Running outside is one thing, but running on a hiking trail is another thing. Find a local trail, turn on some music, and run through a nature trail. Like so many of these activities I mentioned above, it is very good for your body and mind.

Bottom Line: Working out should be fun

Don’t let today’s pressures take over and make you feel like getting in shape should be a grueling, terrible experience. It shouldn’t – it should be a blast.

Focus on finding exercises that you love and don’t settle for traditional workouts just because they’re all you know. There’s more out there than the routines your parents told you about as long as you are open to them.

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