6 Most Commonly Asked Questions About Pressure Washing Service in Fort Myers

Regular pressure washing service in Fort Myers is an excellent investment for any homeowner or commercial property owner. Power washing removes thick dirt and grime as well as bothersome mold and mildew, improving curb appeal instantly while also improving outdoor air quality.
Some property owners, however, put off scheduling regular power washing, sometimes assuming that it’s damaging to a home or commercial structure.

Some property owners also don’t know how often they should schedule this work! To ensure you’re keeping your house or business looking its best, check out these commonly asked questions about pressure washing service in Fort Myers, and then discuss this information with a power washing contractor as needed.

1. Are Pressure Washing Services in Fort Myers Bad for a Property?

The only time pressure washing services in Fort Myers are bad for a property is when they’re done incorrectly, with the wrong tools or techniques. A homeowner trying to manage their own power washing, for example, might use too much pressure, etching and scratching wood, glass, and other materials, or loosening roofing shingles and tiles.

The wrong detergent or not rinsing away detergent properly can also mean a sticky residue left behind after power washing. This residue can attract more dirt than before, making your surfaces look dull and dingy not long after you put away your pressure washing equipment.

2. What’s the Difference Between Power Washing and Pressure Washing?

Anytime you use pressurized water to clean something, you technically pressure washing your property! Even if you attach a standard, store-bought nozzle to a garden hose, this is considered pressure washing.

Most pressure washing is done with lukewarm or room temperature water; however, power washing uses hot water. Power washing equipment will have a heating coil and small storage tank, to heat water as it’s being used.

Power washing with hot water is an excellent choice for dissolving oil and grease as well as adhesives. You might use power washing to clean driveways and garage floors, to remove motor oil and other automotive fluids, or to wash away chewing gum, stickers, paint, and other materials.
However, power washing with hot water can damage some delicate surfaces including wood and asphalt roofing shingles. You also don’t typically need hot water to wash most exterior surfaces, so you’re simply wasting energy to heat that water unnecessarily.

3. What Season Is Best to Pressure Wash a House?

Some power washing contractors in Fort Myers won’t work during the hottest summer days, simply to avoid the risk of heat stroke or heat-related health concerns. Extreme sunlight can also dry out detergent before a contractor can rinse it away, resulting in unsightly streaks.

Rainwater also interferes with pressure washing services, and a power washing contractor should avoid the risk of getting struck by lightning! A pressure washing contractor also can’t perform a thorough clean on a surface covered in snow or ice.

Other than these minor considerations about weather, there is no right or wrong season or time of year to schedule power washing services. Consider your own needs when deciding on an appointment; for example, if you have allergies, you might have your home’s exterior cleaned right after pollen season, to remove irritating residues from outdoor surfaces.

Also, have your property pressure washed before hosting a big event or putting it on the real estate market! Business owners should also schedule pressure washing services as often as needed throughout the year, to ensure signage, lights, and other exterior fixtures are clean and visible from the street.

4. Can You Power Wash Everything on Your Property?

Using too much pressure on various surfaces and materials around your property can result in damage, as high-pressure nozzles and sprays can chip brick, dent siding, blow granules off shingles, and even shatter glass. Soft wash systems use specialty cleansers designed to dissolve thick dirt and grime, so low-pressure rinsing then cleans those delicate surfaces easily.

Homeowners especially should also note that using water sprays around electrical fixtures and wiring can result in shock and damaged wiring. To ensure a safe clean on your property, trust a power washing contractor for all the cleaning you need to have done, and especially for wood, glass, and roofing.

5. Is Power Washing Bad for the Environment?

Many pressure washing companies use detergents and cleansers manufactured with biodegradable materials that won’t harm your lawn or landscaping features, and which are not bad for the environment. You don’t need to worry about those cleansers damaging city drains or leaving unhealthy residues behind after your pressure washing service in Fort Myers.

Soft wash systems are also especially eco-friendly, as these use minimal water amounts for rinsing. If you’re concerned about using up natural resources, rely on a soft wash power washing contractor for all the pressure washing services you need to have done.

6. Should You Buy or Rent Pressure Washing Equipment?

Homeowners are often tempted to buy or rent pressure washing equipment so they can tackle this job themselves. While a lightweight pressure washing machine might be useful for cleaning out trash cans, washing patio furniture, and other regular chores around the home, leave your needed pressure washing to the pros!

Improper power washing techniques can damage surfaces, as said. The wrong tools and techniques can also mean an ineffective job, and using more time and materials to get the job done right. A professional power washing contractor will have the right equipment including a variety of nozzles to ensure a quick, thorough clean of every surface around your property.

A power washing contractor will also ensure safe pressure washing services in Fort Myers, avoiding damage to your lawn, landscaping, and outdoor materials. He or she should also be insured, in case of damage! Most contractors also guarantee their results, so you can have them come back and touch up areas they might have overlooked. To ensure a thorough job, rely on a pro to get your power washing services done right.

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