Hair loss due to stress

Can Stress Cause Hair loss – Types of Stress hair loss & Best Preventive Measures

Stress?? Hair Loss?? Are they even related??

Yes, they are related. Stress causes hair loss. They somehow have a direct relationship with each other. Though Hair loss has many reasons, Stress is the main reason behind hair loss. In this, today’s world, Stress is being like its usual thing.

 One of which is Hair loss.Every gender experiences hair loss. Maybe your anxiety and Stress are causing your hair loss.

You will experience your hair loss not directly after having some sought stressful work or event. It may take 6-12 weeks to know about your hair loss as it breaks the hair growth cycle.

Types of Stress-hair loss related.

  • Telogen effluvium: It is considered to be the most common type of hair loss. Suppose a person experiences their hair loss for more than 5-6 months. They have Telogen Effluvium hair loss.

This hair loss stress is reversible. In this hair, loss hair follicles enter the resting phase, also called the telogen phase in which hair growth stops.

In general, at any time, around 5-12% of hair goes into the telogen phase. But in this case, this percentage exceeds, which results in more hair loss. Your hairs might fall out abruptly while washing or combining.

  • Trichotillomania: It can be called as a hair-pulling disorder. You might have often noticed yourself pulling out your hair from the scalp, eyebrows, and other body areas. This can be due to stress, negative emotions, tension, friendlessness, frustration, depression, or some traumatic experience.

It is not clear what causes Trichotillomania, but ongoing research implies that it may be inborn or genetic. If you were able to manage your Stress, your hair might grow back. This would be a reversible hair loss over time if you were able to control your Stress, anxiety, and other problems. It’s common in teenage girls.

  • Alopecia areata (AA): AA is an autoimmune disease. In this type, your immune system (White Blood Cell) attacks your hair follicles, which results in hair loss. Alopecia areata in extreme form is called alopecia Universalis means the entire hair of the body is lost.

In AA, hair grows and falls out again. AA can be very distressing for the person dealing with this condition. Although no cure has been found until now, doctors suggest that it’s genetic.

Hair loss due to stress
Hair loss due to stress

Is hair loss from Stress permanent??

Nothing is permanent. Unless you have tried all options, if you can control your Stress, you might able to manage your hair loss caused due to Stress. Still, if you notice patchy hair loss, you can contact your doctor.

Sudden hair loss might need treatment. In Telogen effluvium, Hair loss due to Stress will grow back within 4 to 6 months. Don’t be stressed in most cases; not more than 50 percent of hair is lost.

  • Diagnosis

As such, if you want to stop your hair fall, you have to control your Stress, anxiety, expression, frustration, and other problems. You can minimize your hair loss. Some of them are:

  • Diet

You can improve your diet to reduce your hair fall. You can visit our blog for a healthy diet (link). Eating a healthy and nutrient diet makes you fit, helping you reduce hair fall. There are specific vitamins for Stress and hair loss. These vitamins are necessary for a healthy lifestyle.

  • Vitamin B: It helps you in maintaining good health by improving your metabolism. It has a direct impact on your energy levels, enhances brain cells. Vitamin B can be found in milk, cheese, eggs, dark green vegetables like spinach and kale.
  •  Vitamin E: It is an antioxidant that helps you to protect your cell from damage. Its vitamin, which dissolves in fat, i.e., fat-soluble. It can be found in tomato, mango, broccoli, spinach, dry-roasted sunflower seeds, and dry roasted hazelnuts.
  • Vitamin C: Being a Potent antioxidant helps your immune system and skin health. Though the body does not produce or store vitamin C., It is water-soluble. It can be found in many foods like Guava, Chilli Peppers, Sweet Yellow Peppers, Kale, Mustard Spinach, and Kiwis.

Stress Management

Suppose you’re able to manage or control your Stress, anxiety. It will help you not reduce your hair loss but all your other problems and your health. There are several stress management techniques:

  • Exercise: It is best to take out the Stress. You can try simple tasks or a daily walk. In today every park has an open gym. Breathing and Meditation exercises like yoga are the best exercises to release Stress, anxiety, reduces depression. All over makes you healthy.
  • Hobbies: Doing your hobby makes you release Stress as you are doing your favorite things. Being happy helps your stressful situation. You can do anything like playing cricket or whatever is your hobby.
  • Writing: Taking a few minutes of a day to write something also reduces Stress. You can dictate your daily routine, your feelings, or about that work, which caused you Stress. Through this, you can discover the stressful things and how to cope up with these.

Topical Treatments

You can use several drugs to minimize your hair fall. One of which is Minoxidil or Rogaine. It is an over the counter medication (OTC) available in all forms (Sprays, creams, or foams). It is used to help the growth of hair.

Minoxidil solution is not used for baldness treatment in men. This solution can be used to control stress hair loss in females. Only 2 % is used to help hair growth in females with thin hair.

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