Travellers Post Covid

Countries Offering Incentives to Travellers Post Covid-19

The coronavirus pandemic has been a massive disruption on a global scale. From manufacturing to construction, industries all over the world have had to face a massive slowdown or, in some cases, a complete shutdown of operations. The travel and tourism industry in particular has taken a massive hit. Due to the fear of contagion, people have understandably restricted themselves to essential travel. Most international travel has been on hold since the beginning of this year. However, with international travel restrictions now easing, many tourist destinations across the world are offering travel incentives to rebuild their tourism-dependent economy. If you’re looking to finally board a plane for a long-overdue holiday, these countries may be the perfect places to visit.

Sunshine And Sandy Beaches in Cyprus

If you’ve experienced the challenge of staying cooped up in your home, following coronavirus guide with no place to go for a little R’n’R, a Mediterranean holiday may be just the remedy for going stir crazy. Cyprus is a small island nation just south of the Greek coast. The current government of Cyprus has pledged to meet all the costs for food, drink, lodging, medication, and treatment for people who contract CVOID-19 while visiting the island. The government has also confirmed that the pledge includes the families of tourists who contract COVID-19.

Why is Cyprus willing to take on these potential costs? The answer lies in simple economics. The island nation depends on tourism, which constitutes more than 13% of its economy. The costs of treating any tourists who do get the virus are only a fraction of that. Cyprus has had one of the lowest ratios of coronavirus cases per capita in Europe. This has encouraged government officials to reopen international leisure travel. However, you will be required to declare your travel history for the past 14 days, as well as present a testing certificate before boarding your flight.

Travellers Post Covid
Travellers Post Covid

Italian Coastline and Rustic Living in Sicily

Have you seen The Godfather trilogy? In the first movie, Michael Corleone, played by Al Pacino, seals his fate to the Family after killing two people responsible for an attack on Don Vito Corleone, his farther. As one of these people happens to be a crooked police captain, Michael has to flee to Italy until the heat dies down. The place he flees to is a villa owned by a friend of the family in the Old Country, Sicily.

Sicily is everything you see in the movies and more. It has nice warm weather, miles of coastline, white beaches, and all the traditional Italian food you could eat. However, the island has lost over $1 billion in income from tourism since travel restrictions were first imposed earlier this year. Sicily aims to jump-start its economy again by offering travel incentives that attract tourists to its shores again. The plan proposes to cover 50% of your flight costs, as well as every third day of your stay in a hotel. The government is of the opinion that with restaurants, bars, and other sections of the tourist economy reopening, holidaymakers will begin their return.

Sushi, Wasabi, and Culture in Japan

Japan is a country steeped in tradition, culture, and propriety. But at the same time, it is one of the most technologically advanced nations with one of the highest standards of living in the world. These two opposing characteristics make Japan a country like no other. City centers like downtown Tokyo or Okinawa are like stepping into a scene from a Cyberpunk game. Vending machines that serve sushi, robot waiters, and interesting toilets are around everywhere. Unfortunately, Japan has seen an almost 99.9% drop in tourism since the pandemic first began. This has had a devastating effect on the country’s economy.

Japan’s answer to this is to offer subsidies on travel expenses to tourists. The government aims to inject over $12 billion into the tourism industry, boosting traveller traffic and revenues. From the proposed plan, we gather that these subsidies will be available to travellers in the form of discounts and vouchers that they can use at hotels, restaurants, and bars.

Viva Las Vegas, The Desert Jewel

While the United States is among the worst-affected countries in the world, the coronavirus outbreak seems to be slowing down in some areas of the country. In response, certain tourist centres are making efforts to attract more visitors. Las Vegas offers a giveaway of 1,000 flights to tourists who are willing to come to the Entertainment Capital of The World. Remember that Las Vegas is home to some of the world’s largest and most prestigious casinos. It also has coverage from some of the best wireless Internet providers in USA. Casino owners are pooling resources to attract more traffic in a city that is starving for tourism stimulation.

With all the amenities and attractions one could ask for, a trip to Vegas could be just the thing you need.

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