Transfer Music from Google Play to YouTube

Easy Way to Transfer Music from Google Play to YouTube Music

If you rely on Google Play Music for all your music therapy, then it is time we reveal the bad news to you. Google Play Music is shutting down. However, there is a piece of good news as well. The platform is facilitating users to transfer all their music with ease. I transferred my libraries to YouTube Music as well. It was perhaps the first time I crossed the data limit of my Internet service in Waco TX.

Here is your detailed guide regarding the issue.

When will Google Play Music Shut Down?

Google is yet to announce a final date. However, subscribers have been informed that it will happen any time later this year. Hence, the announcement and the advice to all for shifting their libraries, playlists, and profiles to YouTube Music.

In case, you are wondering that you won’t have access to a good music streaming service, you are wrong. Some of the prominent features of YouTube Music are set to make the platform bigger than Apple Music and Spotify as well. Excited yet. Well, you are not alone.

So, for now, subscribers have access to both services. Hence, making it easy for them to make transfers. It is also the best time for you to get acquainted with YouTube Music. More than 20 Million paid subscribers are already relishing the service that YouTube Music has to offer. Soon, you will get onto the bandwagon as well and will love it.

Transfer Music from Google Play to YouTube
Transfer Music from Google Play to YouTube

Transfer Music from Google Play to YouTube Music

Now that you know that YouTube Music isn’t an ordinary service, start transferring the data with the easy steps below. But note that the transfer time will vary for each individual. As it solely depends on your data. If you have more music to transfer, it can take several hours as well. However, you can continue using your phone even if the data is getting transferred.

  • Download the YouTube Music app. You can do so for your iOS or Android phones or choose to download the app on your PC.
  • Go directly to and hit the transfer button.
  • The ‘transfer’ button appears on top of the screen for both YouTube Music and Google Play Music.
  • You can hit the button on any of the two apps.
  • Once done you will see that all your uploads, purchases, playlists, curated stations, and personal preferences will get transferred from Google to YouTube.
  • Once the transfer is complete, you will receive a notification regarding it as well as a confirmation email.
  • Look for the ‘library’ tab on YouTube Music. You will find all your transferred data in that tab.
  • In case, you listen to podcasts, you can transfer those too

Get Acquainted with YouTube Music

If you have not used YouTube Music before, here is your comprehensive guide regarding the streaming service:

  • Catalog

The YouTube Music catalog consists of more than fifty million official tracks with high-quality audio. You will also find some of the best live performances, albums, B-sides, and remixes.

  • Listen Everywhere

Apart from the amazing music that it features, YouTube Music also allows you to discover new music depending on your taste and like. The recommendations present on the Home Screen categorized into ‘My Mix’, ‘New Release Mix’, and ‘Discovery Mix’ feature music based on your location, preferences on Play Music, and your taste.

  • Official Playlists

By subscribing to YouTube Music, you also get access to the official music that the streaming service features.

  • Playlist Creation

After paying close attention to features that Google was offering but YouTube wasn’t, the latter introduced some as well. Among them is the playlist creation feature too. Although, it was already present the length was an issue. However, after upgrading, subscribers will now be able to create playlists as long as 5,000 songs (from 1,000 songs).

  • Uploads

After transferring your music from Google to YouTube, you can listen to all the uploads. Transferring does not imply that you cannot download any new music. Add over 100,000 new tracks on your YouTube Music library.

  • Listening Offline

Subscribers also get the facility to download any music to relish listening to it or watching it when not connected to the Internet.

  • Lyrics

Never sing a lyric wrong ever again with the ‘Lyrics’ feature that displays all lyrics on the screen for you.

  • Explore Tab

The explore tab is the most recent introduction that allows subscribers to discover the most recent music.

You can choose between the paid and free versions. I go with the latter because I have to pay for my Spectrum Triple Play packages as well. However, if you wish to enjoy the most amount of features and ad-free streaming, then you should opt for the paid version.

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