Elderly Women to Continue to Enjoy the Outdoors

5 Best Ways for Elderly Women to Continue to Enjoy the Outdoors

“Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful,” said Ralph Waldo Emerson.

As you age, it can sometimes be tempting to stay indoors in the comfort of one’s home. Yet, when a friend or family member persuades us to take a walk, or we go out for a long drive after a length of time, the spirit within us revives and smiles.

Don’t Let Age Stop You from Enjoying the Outdoors

No matter what our age, there is something inherently uplifting about spending time in the midst of nature. The fresh air rejuvenates us, the warm sun heals us and the bright colours around us fill our hearts with joy.

If the thought of being outdoors makes you happy, don’t let age or mobility issues stop you. There are a number of ways to still get out while being comfortable with your body’s limitations.

Five Ways for Elderly Women to Continue to Enjoy the Outdoors

1. Staying Mobile Even as you Age

The most frequent problem seniors face, when it comes to heading outdoors, is that of mobility. Fortunately, there are a number of devices to offer mobility to elders.

A simple manual wheelchair can simplify the problem of aching knees and feet. However, if you don’t have a loved one handy to push you around, don’t despair. A powered or electric wheelchair can restore accessibility and freedom to the elderly.

Head out for a ride to the neighbourhood park or to the local market. Even the rugged trail behind your house is not out-of-bounds if you have a good mobility wheelchair geared towards outdoor use. With a little bit of research, you can find a number of wheelchair-friendly trails in your city.

2. Finding a Friend or a Companion

If you have a spouse, a friend or a companion with whom you can share your workout goals (even if it is a simple ride around the block), you are far more likely to follow through and head out.

Those living in retirement homes can find like-minded people around them, but even if you don’t already know someone who can accompany you when you head out, there are a number of ways to find hobby partners.

You can seek out a local walking club, join group exercise classes near you or even find a gardening club. These are beautiful ways to make new friends while making the outdoors even more enjoyable.

Elderly Women to Continue to Enjoy the Outdoors
Elderly Women to Continue to Enjoy the Outdoors

3. Attend Local Events

Throughout the year, one can find and attend a number of outdoor events that take place around us. These are great ways to head outdoors and be in the midst of people and activity.

You could head to a local farmer’s market, attend a music concert by a local artist at the neighbourhood park, go for a field trip organized by the city museum or drop in at a craft fair.

If you follow your city’s local newspaper or check in with the local tourist office, you can easily find a calendar of events that take place around you.

4. Take Your Hobby Outdoors

Not everyone finds it easy to be active. Maybe you are recovering from an injury or the doctor has advised you not to undertake a strenuous activity. This need not stop you from heading outdoors.

Sometimes, enjoying nature can be as simple as taking your knitting or art project to the front porch or reading your favourite book in the front yard. If you like gardening, there is nothing like pottering about in your garden, watching nature perform its miracles through plants, flowers and fruits. Invite a friend or family member for coffee and bring that old forgotten patio furniture back into use.

As long as you are dressed for the weather, sitting outside even for short periods of time can feel refreshing and soothe the soul.

5. Bring the Outdoors Inside!

If for some reason you are completely homebound or unable to head outdoors, don’t shy away from bringing the outdoors in. Open the windows and let the fresh air purify the house. Ask a family member to bring you bunches of flowers and place them around the house. Grow a herb garden in your kitchen.

Make a favourite ‘green spot’ in your home, perhaps near a window. Place a couple of plants beside an armchair with colourful cushions. You can keep stones, pinecones, running water and paintings of natural scenes around yourself to immerse yourself in nature.

And as soon as you recover enough to be able to head outdoors with or without help, get back into the midst of nature.

Nature is God’s gift to human souls. Age or health issues must not restrict us from spending time between trees, flowers, birds and lakes. There are many ways for elderly women to continue to enjoy the outdoors. As long as there is a will, there is a way!

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