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7 Ways to find a professional T shirt designer

In this article we want to tell you how to prepare your own designs or get through find a professional T shirt designer , although you have never done it before! Whether it’s creating them yourself from scratch, or hiring a professional designer to help you create the shirt of your dreams. Our design team has given us some advice on the latest design trends . Get inspired by their ideas! Here is a list of resources you can take advantage of to find the clothing design professional (and the programs!) Needed to turn your vision into a tangible print file.

 1. Talk to our design service

The help you are looking for may be closer than you think: Printful has a team of expert and multidisciplinary designers who will be more than happy to help you customize your shirts . Whatever your niche and style, we will surely know how to adapt to your needs! On the Instagram account of our design team you can see some of their work. They have something for everyone! In addition, our team goes beyond designs to print or embroider with us: they can also redesign your logo and help you with your branding . So you don’t have to worry about the artistic part of your business.

 2. Crowdsourcing with 99designs

Another great way to find your perfect design is to trust 99designs. You can go to this platform (also available in Spanish) with your idea, describe it, give a quote and the artists will contact you with their design suggestions! From here, you choose the option that best suits your vision. Keep in mind that the number of designs and the quality of these will depend on the amount of money you offer for that particular task. You choose your favorite design from all the proposals 99designs recently launched a new tool called ” Find a Designer, ” which allows you to search for and select a graphic designer based on your needs.

3. Find the designer of your dreams in Freelancer

On this page you can find any type of freelance designer to help you with your website: graphic designers, web designers, fashion designers… They are all in one click! So that they help you not only to design your shirt, but in everything you may need!

4. Explore all available options to find your perfect freelance designer

There are many tools that facilitate the search and hiring process for freelance designers. In addition, the good thing about these platforms is that they also include reviews from other users so that you know in advance the professional designer you are going to work with. Some of the most popular websites include: Workana , Upwork (ENG) and Guru (ENG).

5. Find a fast and cheap option through Fiverr

Although its website is entirely in English, it is worth giving Fiverr a try. More than a freelance site , this is a site for anyone who wants to offer their skills for $ 5. It is a space for beginning designers, making it the right place to find the simplest and cheapest designs for your online store. Some examples of the designs you can find on Fiverr. Remember that in order for your shirts to look perfect, your print files will have to comply with our file guides . But do not spread panic! Here we explain them step by step. Share them with your designer!  or sell your things on youtube

 6. Offer to sell existing designs (find a professional T shirt designer)

There are many great designs that are not for sale. If you’ve seen a design online that you think would look good on a t-shirt or poster, why not talk to the original designer? Offer to put it in your store and share the income. That’s what Startup Vitamins did with one of its most eye-catching posters, “This is a bullshit free zone.” It was originally designed by London creative agency Sell! Sell! (ENG) and agreed to share the design for part of the profits.

Another option could be to buy editable design packs with extended licenses. Take a look at The fancy deal , where they offer some amazing designs; Or head over to Envato Elements where you have access to over 500,000 illustrations, fonts, typefaces , mockups, and more. (Notice: these are affiliate links) Remember to always respect copyright and creative commons licenses . In this article we explain everything about it and we even give you some free vectors to download and try your first designs !

  1. Find a designer in real life or through design agencies

If you are not convinced by the idea of hiring a freelance designer online, you can always contact someone at street level. If it is more comfortable for you to explain your vision face to face than through an email or message, Meetup can be of great help: just enter your city, write “design” and … boom! You will know where to find not just one, but several designers ready to help you with your project . There are also thousands of graphic and web design agencies that could help you . Do a little internet search to find design agencies in your area, get in touch with them to make an appointment, and let them do the rest!

Excuses are over

If words are more than your design, you can always go to our model generator and capture on your t-shirts all the original phrases you can think of without having to download any editor or hire anyone! Go further and add some of the clipart images we offer. The limit is up to you! Speaking of words, in this article you will find several free fonts to download . Put your ideas on your shirts with an exclusive typeface! And that’s it. It is no longer worth saying “all you need is a design” to start your store. We have gone further and we can already confirm that ” all you need is an idea “. And you already have it!

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