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Humility is Smart Leadership

Years ago the philosopher Socrates argued that humility is the greatest of all virtues. His observation said that wisest people are the first to admit how little they really know.

Many researchers conclude people with greater humility are good learners, decision-makers, and even problem solvers. One study even found that someone’s humility could trump over high IQ performance. After all, it does not just mind, it’s also a mindset!

Though humility is important for all especially for leaders, which improves strategic thinking and boost the performance of colleagues across an organization.

More Confidence better humble!

The major focus on humility is a great shift in perspective after decades of interest and indulgence in self-esteem and self-confidence,.

High self-esteem and humility need not necessarily be at odds, of course. As Khalid Aziz, a well-known leadership coach points out, “you need the confidence to be humble.” The self-esteem provide unconditional positivity and optimism at the expense of any criticism or doubt

Unfortunately, a lot of time self-esteem and self-belief often neglected to consider the importance of humility alongside confidence. After all, both are important factors.

If you ever read the book Will Storr describes in his book Selfie, the self-esteem movement promoted in the popular media. This even encourages parents and teachers to provide unconditional positivity and optimism at the expense of any criticism or doubt. But in today’s scenario, it somewhere lacks. If this happens it hardly sets the stage for healthy humility.

Humility- A better predictor of performance than IQ score

Indeed, the humility ratings proved to be a better predictor of performance than measures of actual intelligence. Humility is quite important for some of the less gifted students. This trait almost compensates for their lack of natural intelligence and allow them to perform as well as people with much higher IQ scores.

The person with the greatest humility may not have started out the strongest or smartest, but by acknowledging the gaps in their knowledge or skill sets and then correcting all the mistakes. They made the greatest improvements over the course and that’s what life requires. More humility, more acceptance to learning, and curiosity to do the new stuff. Overall, the humbler students were just more “teachable” in spite of their IQ level.

One test even suggests that humbler people also score higher on tests of “cognitive reflection”, which is related to the tendency to override your gut reactions and question your assumptions. That’s an important result since more reflective thinkers tend to be less open to misinformation. This means that humility could have an important effect on people’s general decision making.

Avoiding group think

 Besides these individual benefits, recent research shows that a leader’s humility can also have important knock-on effects for their team members. The world needs more Humble leaders, more humility in people. So that they can cultivate greater work engagement and job satisfaction among their employees. This even develops a sense of empathy, so you also understand other’s points of view before jumping to a conclusion.

A Skill to be Developed

Smart Leadership
Smart Leadership

For many people, Humility, humbleness sounds ore like a biblical trait which is not quite right. Though I believe more like anything is a skill to be developed, Just like you have worked hard to get all the technical skill in you. Just work a little soft to get this skill.

Try to be more empathetic, try to be more mindful, just try to be more human. Probably that’s what it takes.


Practice listening to others, and when I say listen. I really mean it! Where you literally try to understand whether a person is not just saying with words but also feeling.

You really become more humble, when you starting giving the same amount of respect to others which you expect from other people.

It’s hardly important that you are able to solve their problem or not but the whole essence is you are giving them an ear, your time and value that they literally matter to the world

So next time, really listen!

Show gratitude

Humility starts with a positive frame of mind, and positivity starts with being grateful. Just count your blessing and found what you look for!

You won’t believe me?

Smart Leadership
Smart Leadership

Just go and find the best achievers, leaders, entrepreneurs or anyone who has done great in life. And ask, what he is grateful for, probably a thousand things you get.

That’s how the universe works, I know that gratefulness Won’t come to your life overnight. But gradually you can work on it. Just go and find your own list, have a gratitude journal.

Just get out of the negative spiral and show some gratitude for everything you have in life.

Ask for help and even give some Ego and Arrogance cover your innocence and vanity. It’s fine to have selffulness or show some confidence in your self but not at the cost of degrading others.

And also it’s great to be the best IQ person in the room and know it all but there is nothing in bad not knowing something at all. I mean it’s fine if you don’t know everything, and you can ask for help. That’s how a world works collaboratively.

There are a lot of things which I don’t know, And I simply ask for help, and probably I help the people who Need at the time with no judgment.

And that’s how it works. Your leadership quality depends on the way you work with people collaboratively.

Your Mind had it all

A few days ago, a dialogue from the movie “Lucy ” really stuck with me. Which goes like that we human really focus on having than being. And when I realize, find it so

true. I mean really people we are so much overwhelmed with the materialistic world that we almost forget the essence of being human in the community.

Rather we want the best house, best car than peers. It’s like we just work for power or profit, irrespective of the fact that inside us we all carry an individual power that is beyond any title or money.

Probably the best thing you need to have is control, control on ourselves, control on our mind.

And you conquer everything!

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