Apply Foundation

Learn How to Apply Foundation For Beautiful Skin

Most newbies when applying foundation are confused as to what is the right way to apply foundation, and what should be their first tip. Most people believe that applying foundation will make them look much better, or even more like a celebrity! But most of us do not know how to apply foundation properly.

Application of Powder Foundation

One of the first steps in applying a foundation, is the application of powder foundation. You should apply a good amount of powder to your face, so that your foundation will stick to your face. Next, you have to know how apply the foundation evenly over your face.

Blend Foundation Properly

Make sure that your foundation is properly blended onto your face. This means you do not have too many layers. Too many layers will make your skin look cakey. Also, make sure that the foundation is not too thick or too thin. Also, if you are using powder foundation, you want to make sure that it is evenly distributed onto your face.

Apply Foundation
Apply Foundation

Use a Proper Sponge

You should also make sure that you are using a sponge that is of the same texture as your skin. You can use a sponge with a rough surface, but the softer side would be better for applying foundation. This way, you are less likely to scratch your skin.

Cleanse your Face Gently

Once you are done applying the foundation, you will want to cleanse your face gently with water and soap. You will want to do this before your foundation, so that you can remove the excess, which you will see on your face.

Then, you will want to apply your foundation. You should start by applying a layer of foundation on your face, just like you did with your powder. Then, apply a little bit more, to give you more coverage. Then, you can blend the makeup in with your face.

Use the Right Product

If you do need a little extra help with blending, you can use a brush to apply your foundation, but make sure you use a clean one. Any type of makeup or foundation dust will irritate your skin and cause acne. If you choose to use a brush to apply your foundation, then use it after you have cleaned your face. Make sure your skin is completely dry before you begin.

Once you have applied your foundation, make sure that you leave it in all day and night. That way, your skin will absorb it and stay healthy.

Apply Foundation
Apply Foundation

Wash your Face with Warm Water

When you first get out of bed, wash your face well with warm water to remove any dirt and oil that may be stuck on it. Then, gently pat your skin dry. Then, apply sunscreen, especially for those who are going outside.

After you have washed your face, you will want to make sure that you apply toner to get rid of any dead cells. from your skin.

Get the Foundation Concealer

Once you have finished washing your face, you are ready to apply makeup. You should start with the color foundation. and work your way down until you get to the foundation concealer. After that, you can add the finishing touch with the powder.

Your eyes should be lightly powdered. After that, apply eye shadows on top. If you are trying to apply dark shades, put on a lotion.

Apply Eye shadow

You can apply your eye shadow, cheeks and lashes using a sponge and apply mascara. This way, you will not have to spend much time.

Your eyes should look beautiful. However, they may appear slightly puffy, so you may need to apply some concealer on top of the eyes.

Final Words

Finally, you will want to use primer on your lips to get rid of any spots and streaks. and to ensure that your lipstick does not run.

Learning how to apply foundation is very important. It is also important to practice everyday.

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