Remove Blackheads

5 Natural Ways to Remove Blackheads

Blackheads aren’t like that. Frankly, I believe blackheads, on the scale of seen to imperceptible probably fall somewhere in the domain of that pesky family ghost your sister attempts to point out to you.

Still, they are annoying. You may see them. But they are there, and you know it. Your face is not completely clean. You want to eliminate blackheads; you need them banished.

Let us make that happen.

5 Natural Strategies to Remove Blackheads

Blackheads are merely pimples that don’t have skin . That is all they are. Since there’s no skin, and they are exposed to the atmosphere, the upper layer of gunk on your pores oxidizes and turns that dark black color.

All you’ve got to do is clean out your pores, and the blackheads are gone. There is no need to squish and squeeze.

If you are prone to blackheads, I’ve got some good and bad news for you. The good thing is, large pores and oily skin will be a simple fact of life for you. The likelihood you will be able to completely reverse both of these things is nil.

Remove Blackheads
Remove Blackheads

The great news isthat people who have oily skin and large pores do not wrinkle as fast (because our skin is extremely good at replenishing the oils).

  • Make Exfoliation and Microdermabrasion a Portion of Your Weekly Ritual

There are a lot of things that you can use to exfoliate and remove blackheads with. They all are in your cabinets at the moment.

Right now.

Nutmeg helps eliminate the oil, offers the scrubby energy, and leaves behind very smooth skin. The lactic acid in milk helps break down old skin cells so that they disappear when you wash your face. If you truly need to take it up a notch, use buttermilk instead of regular milk (it contains more lactic acid).

How you do it: Just combine your”scrubby” ingredient with your liquid/wet ingredient until you get a thin paste. Beginning with a clean face, rinse it with water, and then start to apply your exfoliator in light, circular motions.

Too rough, and you may damage your skin.

Rinse well.

  • Honey Pat-Down

This is just marginally different than the honey face wash, in that you don’t need to wet your face until you begin — in any way, shape, or form. (Although you do need to get a clean face before starting )

Your honey should be very, very sticky if you would like this to be as powerful as possible.

Simply pour a little bit of honey on your fingers and begin rapidly patting the areas in your face where you wish to remove blackheads. The honey will follow the stuff in your pores, and pull it out as you remove your fingers. Additionally, it will provide mild antibacterial and antioxidant support, so any tiny remnants that could be left on your pores will not oxidize (and turn black) quite as rapidly.

Continue doing this for 3 or so minutes, then rinse your face with water.

  • Use Egg Whites to Bring Out the Gunk

Frankly, this is one of my favorite ways to eliminate blackheads (I do not especially like how eggs in my face smell, and it has not been as powerful as the other ways for me).

However, countless other men and women swear by this method, so I include it to your consideration. It is a prime example of how one crunchy remedy may work for one individual, and not at all for another.

How to pull the blackheads out with an egg white mask: Starting with a clean face, spread egg whites over with your palms or a paintbrush. Start first with a single thin layer and let it dry briefly. Then spread a second layer over the top and allow the entire thing dry completely.

Remove Blackheads
Remove Blackheads

You might want to concentrate on the Blackhead removal places a third time, even.

Your face will feel tight and pull a little.

If nothing else, your face WILL be super soft and smooth. (And probably a bit more ceramic (edit: or uniform irrespective of skin tone) in colour for some time, also, which is an enjoyable bonus.)

  • Use a Cosmetic Clay Mask to Soak Up the Oils

If egg whites were my favorite, clays are my absolute #1 favorite way to eliminate blackheads.

You do not need to get a particular $50 jar of facial mask clay for this. You do not need to put essential oil in your mask (if you do not need to, but you can).

All you need is decorative clay and water (or apple cider vinegar, which is how I love to do it).

Where do you get decorative clay? Mountain Rose Herbs carries an assortment of it at very affordable prices (bentonite, french green, rhassoul, and fuller’s earth). But in case you’ve got a local herb store, the odds are, they will have some there, too.

How to create a blackhead-busting mask with clay: Again, you may add goodies like rosewater or a drop or two of essential oils into your clay, but this isn’t essential for removing blackheads.

Spread on your entire clean face, or just the areas where you have blackheads.

  • If All Else Fails, Have a sterile Toothbrush into the Region

Don’t use this method unless all else fails.

This is absolutely the most extreme step you should go into in clearing your blackheads (with squishing and squeezing being the absolute most extreme step there is).

Use a committed toothbrush just for blackhead cleaning. Do NOT use your mouth (ew) ever.

The best way to do this: utilizing a soft bristled brush (NOTHING FIRMER), pour a little bit of lemon juice onto the toothbrush, together with a drop or 2 of oily-skin friendly oil such as jojoba, tamanu, or neem.

VERY gently scrub your blackhead regions with the mind of your toothbrush. You may rinse with water and reapply with oil and lemon if you feel as if you will need to. Just do so gently. And do not go crazy.

In addition, don’t do this more than once weekly. Do not do it around your eyes. And do NOT do so on any open sores, scrapes, or cuts. Ever.

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