What Should You Do When a PRINCE2 Project Fails to Inspire You?

Life looks fantastic when you have a project that you love sinking your teeth into. It is great fun to work on something that inspires you and that helps you to wake up each morning with a smile on your face. Not every project is going to be like this though, is it?

At times, you will be faced with a dull, uninspiring piece of work that just doesn’t float your boat in any way. Is there anything that you can do to turn this into a project that gives you more pleasure? There are definitely a few strategies that you should try.

Turn to Your Professional Pride

There might be days when you simply can’t stand the thought of going through endless spreadsheets, writing tons of documents or doing whatever else this project needs you to do. What is it that is going to keep you going when you would rather just throw it all in the bin?

This is when your professional price needs to come into play. As a PRINCE2 project manager, you should strive to carry out every single piece of work to the same high standard. The subject matter shouldn’t really enter into it, as you will be carrying out pretty much the same project tasks in every case.

When you took your PRINCE2 training edinburgh, you learned the techniques for starting up, running and them completing any type of project. By sticking to the tools and methods that you trust in you can make sure that this piece of work is carried out as professionally as any other that you have handled.

Go the Extra Mile

When a project looks a bit boring then you might wonder whether simply skimming over it as quickly as is humanly possible is the best approach. Get it out of the way and move on to something more interesting, right?


However, it is worth noting that the opposite idea can turn out to be far more effective. This means going the extra mile and digging a bit deeper. Is there some extra value that you can add to this project or a more complete solution that you can provide?

Why not try to view it is a challenge to you and your team? You might end up learning new skills and gaining a lot of confidence from converting a dull piece of work into something that you can be genuinely proud of.

Make It Fun

There is no way this project is going to be fun, is there? You are probably already imagining the soul-crushingly dull hours that it has in store for you. But does it have to be as bad as all that? Surely there is some way for you to jazz up the project and inject some fun into it.

Well, you should certainly give it your best shot. Try as many varied tactics for livening up work as you can think of. You might want to set interesting challenges for the team, arrange away days or make up silly names for the different groups of people working on each element

Would working from home a day a week or changing to more flexible working hours help? Both of these are ideas that are well worth giving a try. You might finally find the perfect solution if you just keep trying.

Don’t simply settle for being bored by an uninspiring new project. By looking at it in fresh, new ways you can attempt to breathe life into it, which is going to be of benefit to everyone in the long run.


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