salt water hot tubs

What is salt water hot tubs & How to Relieve Stress with meditation

Well, you may be knowledgeable about the concept of a saltwater pool, but a spa? Yes, saltwater hot tubs exist, and they do provide a variety of benefits. However, with these benefits come a couple drawbacks. As you’re planning to spend time in a hot tub it is important to weigh all your options and have a good look at the advantages and disadvantages. In this guide, we are going to take a close look at what salt water hot tubs are and what manufacturer must offer, while comparing them to traditional hot tub manufacturer and even contemporary purification methods.

Pros of salt water hot tubs

  • Odorless Hot Tub

A problem with many men and women encounter with conventional hot tubs is the odor of chlorine. On the other hand, the odor of chlorine does not bother everyone, and it does go away if the spa is cleaned on regular basis.

  • Texture of the Water

A saltwater spa has a silky and soft water texture. It helps the user to have a more relaxing experience.

salt water hot tubs
salt water hot tubs
  • Easy Maintenance

Salt water hot tubs are usually quite easy to keep. As mentioned previously, they don’t leave a foul odor since you don’t need to use chemicals to clean the water.

  • Recommended for Sensitive Skin

Soaking in a salt water spa is suggested for men and women that have sensitive skin.

Cons of salt water hot tubs

  • Costly

A saltwater spa is typically costly. Their buying and installation cost is a lot higher when compared with the usual hot tubs. Thus, you can just purchase a salt water spa if your budget permits you to. Not to mention that the salt water may result in increased corrosion, which may result in damage throughout the machine and expensive repairs.

  • Corrosive

As we mentioned previously, salt water may result in the corrosion of the elements on your system. Saltwater corrosion is arguably among the biggest problems with salt water hot tubs. It may start out with a fix or update here and there, but it could quickly lead to the disturbance of the whole system if not preserved accordingly.

  • Not a Forever Solution

Lots of folks feel that a salt water spa is a one-time expense as no additional products or substances will need to be purchased. But this is not exactly accurate, as salt water cells will need to be replaced after a specific period of time. This is an expensive buy, which further makes using a salt water spa a costly affair.

How to Relieve Stress With Bathtub Meditation

salt water hot tubs
salt water hot tubs

Meditation is a powerful stress reliever and a lifestyle that may result in resilience to stress and increased internal peace. Although this might not come as a surprise, even if you are like most people, you are aware that meditation can be useful but you have trouble making it a daily habit–life gets in the way! This is fine to an extent; practicing meditation once can be helpful. However, to obtain the full benefit of meditation concerning creating resilience and a lasting sense of peace, it ought to be practiced regularly.

There are lots of diverse ways to experience the benefits of meditation, and having more choices at your disposal can indicate that the practice is much easier to maintain on a regular basis. 1 soothing technique is to meditate in the tub.

  • Steps and Tips for Performing a Bathtub Meditation

A tub meditation combines the conventional advantages of meditation with the benefits of a relaxing, spa, which may soothe tired muscles, give a relaxing feeling, and let a temporary feeling of escape from migraines. This is a habit that is easy to practice on a nightly basis. How can you create a tub meditation effective? Here are a few things to bear in mind.

  • Make Time

Block off at least 15 minutes where you won’t be interrupted. That means creating a couple of more minutes in your schedule, placing the phone straight to voicemail, telling others in your household not to disturb you unless it’s an emergency.

Whatever you want to do to set personal boundaries and block off the time, it needs to be well worth the effort.

  • Use Aromatherapy Bath Products

As you run the bath, you may want to incorporate some of the benefits of aromatherapy by utilizing bubble-bath or bath oils scented with lavender (shown to be relaxing), peppermint (if you would like to feel more alert), or a different scent that you like (studies show that subjectively pleasing aromas bring stress relief benefits, too). This way you can add another layer of stress relief with no extra work.

  • Get in and Relax

Let your breathing become slower and deeper, allowing your stomach to rise and fall with each breath (instead of your shoulders or chest). This type of breathing is much more natural and can help pacify your body’s natural stress response if it’s still activated in the day.

  • Focus on Sensations

Now just focus on the sensations you are feeling in your body–the warmth of the water in your skin, the strain of the tub against your back–and when your mind drifts in the present moment and those bodily senses, without judgment notice where your attention has gone and bring it back to the physical sensations in the body.

Allow your attention to continue to rest the current moment and when you notice you have drifted, gently bring your mind back

  • Stay In The Present

If you find thoughts of the past, the future, or any form of inner dialogue happening, gently divert your attention to the present moment. Continue for many minutes, and you ought to feel soothed and relaxed fast.

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