Scholarship Opportunity For Health-Minded Students

A Unique Scholarship Opportunity For Health-Minded Students

With everything that transpired over 2020, health has become an area of concern and focus for many Americans. Some of us took time in quarantine to build a new workout routine, learn a few healthy recipes to add to our weekly menu, pick up a new physical activity like yoga or biking, or work on our mental health. While 2020 helped many of us focus on our health, it also helped call continued attention to the rising costs of maintaining our health. In fact, on a per capita basis, American spending on retail prescription drugs has increased over $900, and that’s adjusted for inflation.

Preventative health care is the best kind of healthcare and there are things we can all do on a daily basis to improve our health and subsequently reduce our lifetime healthcare expenses. If improving health and wellness is something you’re passionate about, then the folks at Green Wellness Life have a scholarship for you.

Has CBD Helped You Or Anyone You Know?

In particular, this health and wellness scholarship focuses on CBD. Studies have found CBD to have many beneficial properties. CBD has been shown to reduce pain and inflammation, improve sleep, reduce stress, improve mood, and aid in muscle recovery after workouts. When taken on a daily basis, CBD can improve overall wellness. Despite the research surrounding CBD and the fact that it isn’t psychoactive like THC, CBD still gets a bad rep.

Big tech companies like Google and Facebook have tightly restricted ads surrounding CBD, those who use CBD products can often be mislabeled as stoners, individuals have been fired from jobs for failing drug tests due to CBD consumption, and some schools have banned CBD on their grounds. If you or someone you know has benefited from using CBD, Green Wellness Life wants to hear from you. The company is looking to eliminate the negative stigma surrounding CBD by helping more people understand the cannabinoid and its benefits for the body.

Scholarship Opportunity For Health-Minded Students
Scholarship Opportunity For Health-Minded Students

About The Scholarship

GWL’s annual Eliminate The Stigma Scholarship is a $1,000 scholarship founded in 2020 that will be offered every year until the negative stigma surrounding CBD is gone. Green Wellness Life is looking for passionate students to share their experiences and positive messages regarding CBD. Sharing real stories from real people will help improve the perception of CBD over time. The team at Green Wellness Life wants to help amplify your voice and spread your message regarding CBD.

Students can create and submit their message in any media format. Green Wellness Life will be sharing student submissions on their website, on social, and in their weekly newsletters. The hope is that messages from students across the country will help to promote more positive conversations around CBD oil.

How Could You Help Eliminate The Stigma?

Green Wellness Life is confident you can help to eliminate the stigma by sharing your own personal stories or experiences with CBD. You can share your story in any media format. You could write a poem, take a photo, create an animation, write a story, record a song, put together a video, create a podcast, or produce a graphic. There are no limitations when it comes to medium or message. Last year’s winner put together a poem. Below is her poem for inspiration:

I am alone – utterly alone, and I tremor like an earthquake. My heart speeds across the runway and my pulse is way over what it should be. My hands are sweating like Niagra Falls. My friend told me CBD could help me, but my mama tells me that I’m fine. Not even my mama understands me. She tells me, “it’s the anxiety.” I just want to feel okay, so I ask my friend for help. She tells me it’s C21H30O2 – carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. These little elements are all you need. You’ll feel better, sure indeed. My heart doesn’t zoom anymore and my earthquake feels like a 1.0. My hands feel like a calm river and my mama says, “see, I told you so.” I am not alone.

How you advocate for CBD is completely up to you. The winner for the scholarship will be selected based on creativity and message content.

Application Details

If you’re interested in applying for the scholarship, you can do so by sending your submission, a certified transcript, and a completed application form to Submissions must be sent to Green Wellness Life by August 31st. Any submissions received after August 31st won’t be discarded. Instead, they will be considered for the following year.

Any US student maintaining a 3.0 GPA or above at a university, college, or trade school is eligible to apply. Green Wellness Life is looking forward to reviewing submissions and selecting a scholarship winner.

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