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Top 3 Android monitoring apps

The elements like stalkers and other sexual predators can affect the children unless we take serious steps to prevent it. The advancement of technology has come up with plenty of android monitoring apps that enable you to make sure the safety of the children. Today we are going to review the top three applications that you can use to get the job done.

The following mentioned top Android tracking apps that enable you to keep an eye on your kid’s activities on the cellphone devices connected to the internet to make sure their online safety. 


It is the top android monitoring software on our list. We have chosen the particular application top of the list; because its features are users –friendly and easy to navigate on the target mobile device. It is packed with plenty of other acclaimed applications and packages for setting parental control on digital devices. 

The application is one of its kinds and sets itself apart because you can get control over the children android phones connected to the internet. Setting this application on your target phone requires physical access because it does not support remote installation. Parents can perform parental monitoring on kids’ cell phone devices and get to know about whom they are talking, sending and receiving messages, sharing media, and many more.

Basic Features

The following mentioned features that you can use to monitor your cell phone devices to monitor kids’ activity.

  • Call recording
    Users can get access to the cellphone to record and listen to the live calls inbound and outbound, and save the data to the online dashboard using a secret call recorder.
  • Screen recording
    Parents can perform live screen recording by activating the screen recorder app to record short videos of the screen and save on the dashboard.
  • Screenshots
    Parents can remotely capture multiple screenshots at once by scheduling via an online dashboard.
  • GPS location
    You can track and monitor pinpoint GPS location in real-time using a GPS location tracking app and get location history.
  • Browsing history
    You can get to know about all the visited websites and bookmarked webpage on android phone installed browsers.
  • IM’s Social Media
    Users can get the logs of instant messaging apps running on the target phone with social media messenger monitoring.
  • OS support
    The application is compatible with Android phones up to OS version 10 and above and works secretly.

OgyMogy (Best Android monitoring apps)

OgyMogy is one of the best Parental control app because you can get the tracking solutions of your desire. Are you scared because of your kid’s online activities on cellphones connected to cyberspace? Don’t worry! You need to use the features of this application on your children’s phone and track them online to protect them from cyber dangers and inappropriate activities online. It is best for digital parenting and keeps parents up to date about all the activities they perform on social media, cellular networks, and many more.

Basic Features

Parents can use the below-mentioned features on kid’s android devices to keep an eye on them online.

  • Social media messenger monitoring
    You can monitor and read social media logs such as messages, audio-video calls, read conversations, and voice messages logs.
  • Record phone calls
    You can record live incoming and outgoing phone calls using a call recording app.
  • Screenshots
    You can capture and record screenshots live from the phone screen but, first, you have to schedule them via the dashboard.
  • Keystrokes
    You can get the live keystrokes applied on the target cell phone, messages, and messenger, password, and email keystrokes.
  • Internet history
    You can see the browsing history in terms of visited websites and bookmarking.
  • OS support
    OgyMogy is compatible with the phones and tablets running with Android up to version 10.


It is the most powerful and advanced android monitoring software. Over the years application has got immense popularity but has lost its position because of data safety issues. However, still, it is one of the effective ones for parental monitoring on kids’ cell phones. The application has features for tracking and monitoring of digital phones of kids.

Basic features

Mspy features that enable you to keep an eye on kid’s online activity are the following ones.

  • Browsing history
    You can monitor visited websites and bookmarking on installed and default browsers of android devices.
  • Call logging
    You can see the call logs of incoming and outgoing missed calls, contacts, and record live phone calls.
  • Message viewing
    Parents can read the sent/received text messages on the cellphone device of your child.
  • Track GPS location
    Users can track the live GPS location of the teen’s phone via GPS location tracking app.
  • OS support
    It is compatible with the phones running up to OS version 9 and above.


The above mentioned are the top 3 android monitoring solutions that help you out to monitor and track kid’s online activity and to protect them from online predators.

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