VoLTE – The Future Network That Most Prevailing In Mobile communication

Voice over Long Term Evolution (Simply VoLTE) is now ruling the mobile communication as it have outstanding capacity and features. Obviously now and in future, VoLTE will be the star in mobile network technology. So how can we define VoLTE? Voice over long term evolution is the communication over internet. The voice packets are communicated via internet to get high quality service.

It is the latest version of communication, we are using IoT (internet of things) instead traditional signal system for voice and video communication. That is why i said above that VoLTE will be the most prevailing technology in mobile communication and network.

By adopting and understanding the features of the network, the mobile smartphone manufacturers are turned in to the development and manufacturing of smartphones that having VoLTE enabled devices, if they are still with traditional technology, huge drops in their sales in the market will occur.

That’s why, in the beginning stages of VoLTE era, the smartphone manufactures are developed double slot SIM card device, one with VoLTE enabled and other one Non-VoLTE enabled. But now they are fully manufacturing VoLTE smartphones, both the SIM slots are capable of handling 4G VoLTE SIM cards.


Why VoLTE is Preferred the most?

As usual, if there is minimum cost of resources required, we all will be chose them in any business or situation in our life. Here is as like that. VoLTE is requires very minimal resources and giving the better output. That is why VoLTE we call as cheap and best service. Not only for a single party, but all the parties associated with the VoLTE is getting good services within minimal cost.

Mobile operators requires only minimum of their technology and the equipment to provide the best Voice over long term evolution technology. Other Network vendors, partners also requires the minimum of resources to bring up the services to the end user, that is consumers like using mobile smartphones and network. End users will get high quality rich communication services with minimum monthly plans.

The mobile users we meant smartphone users are using data services. While upgrading to the VoLTE network by the users, have huge advantage in using high quality video and voice call services. Before the VoLTE implementation, there were many complaints on the traditional signal based voice and video communication that call drops are occurs while making voice calls.

In India, Even supreme court has came against the network operators, and ordered to provide best services for the end users, and keep the value of their money they are paying for that service.

VoLTE architecture

VoLTE system architecture describes the interaction between various modules in communication channels to make it very reliable. radio network controller and evolved packet core are the basic on the architecture. as a result of various process and management of data and voice packet, this has been handed over to the network platforms like the mobile towers to handed over to the end users (we customers). Specially designed Subscriber identity module (SIM) card is capable to receive the high quality data and it along with the supported device gives excellent service. That is why many mobile networks are advertising that they have moved to VoLTE 4G SIM for giving better service for their customers.

Verizon is the first company providing service in united states of america. In india, Reliance Jio started their service with this technology, and as other service providers used 3G, Jio has gained millions of users and outranked their competitors very fast.

Benefits Of VoLTE Technology

  • Efficiency of spectrum. Only a little resource is required to get high quality service.
  • Crystal clear voice clarity when making voice calls.
  • Study shows that while using VoLTE, the battery life of smartphone increases up to 40%
  • Rich communication is possible with VoLTE technology. Making communication with full of multimedia files, very high quality voice and vice communication, In Call share, video share etc.
  • No complexity on network. There is no risk of complexity in all the phases of network and operation.
  • Over all cost of bringing voice call is much more low than traditional Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) service.
  • GSMA network can be easily extended to VoLTE network.
  • Non- VoLTE device can be use along with VoLTE 4G network by special VoLTE based applications. For example, Relaince Jio In india offers Jiocall app for their users to make any Non-VoLTE smartphone VoLTE enabled with the help of One router device. so even 2G and 3G devices can be capable to adopt the feature of VoLTE network.
  • In traditional VoIP, it was not allowed users to use both voice calls and Data at same time. When a users making calls on phone, all the processes that are running under data is paused, and will resume when user has ended the call. But now users can simultaneously use both the service.
  • Message Integration: VoLTE can be easily integrated with PBX system. thus simplifying business with messaging as main communication channel.
  • Since VoLTE removes the need of separate channels for voica packet carrier and data packet carrier. This makes it more reliance in simultaneous use. Users will consistency in quality voice and video calls.

Now almost all android device manufacturers and apple has turned to making VoLTE smartphone since the future is in the hand of VoLTE.


We have realized how the VoLTE enhance better voice and video calls in HD format. check whether your smartphone is supporting VoLTE features. If you miss the device lacking the features loaded, then you are wasting your rights to use more with this technology. Apple iOS 6 and above all version smartphones turned to get in the market with this features loaded.

WiFi calling is the new kind of calling is as part of this technology. Users can make voice and video calls without carrier charge. They need a wifi network and wifi call supported smartphone.

So get in connect with the technology and future technology. there are so many applications there in the app market to make better voice and video calls in high definition format.

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