Direct Mail Marketing

Why Direct Mail Marketing is Still Hot

With the current trend in the world is getting all-digital, direct mail might seem outdated and boring. Before you feed your mind with such misunderstanding, think again! So, why is the direct mail still hot in a world where digital marketing and social media ads are preferred?

Direct Mail is Highly Effective

Compared to email marketing, direct mail has had a higher rate of response. Following this, direct mail accounts for as much as five times more purchases than email marketing campaigns. Combining the two would be more optimal in reaching even a higher audience. The higher response rate follows a better expression of emotions in direct mail marketing than email marketing.

Direct Mail Marketing
Direct Mail Marketing

Direct Mail is More Sharable than Email

While emails are more personal, direct mails will, in most cases, get into the hand of several members of the household. Shared direct mail offers members of a household to talk about the product or service marketed hence increasing the chance of reaching towards a purchase decision. When it comes to email marketing, emails might reach many people, but fewer people will indeed give total attention to it and leave alone sharing it.

Direct Mail Stands Out With Consumers 

While people obtain tons of emails daily, only a few receive direct mails. With emails almost becoming a cliché that explains why direct mail stand out. Notably, the response rate has gradually increased in recent years. Following this, digital-first companies like Glossier have considered opening physical stores and sending direct mails for their customers’ special human experience.

Direct Mail Marketing
Direct Mail Marketing

Direct Mail is More Memorable

While email marketing messages lasts for a few seconds, averagely, direct mail marketing hang around our home for about three weeks before getting discarded. Unlike the virtual alternative, direct mails, therefore, have a longer-lasting effect on the consumers. A stronger emotional response by consumers who spend more time with the direct mails adds to their memorability.


Marketing comes with digging deeper into the emotions of the consumers. Direct mails stand a better chance to arouse satisfaction and higher responses by consumers than other online marketing strategies like the email. While it might be expensive, its return on investment is high, thanks to the consumers’ high rate of response.

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